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Make a Splash in Your Kitchen with These Tiling Trends

When remodeling your kitchen, remember that the backsplash is often the focal point of the entire space. However, with all of the materials, textures, patterns, finishes and colors available, choosing the right backsplash for your new kitchen can be an overwhelming process. Check out the latest and greatest trends in kitchen backsplashes, and let the experts at Central Indianapolis’ premier remodeling and construction company, Central Construction Group, help you add beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

Great Heights

Traditionally, kitchen backsplashes have covered the wall space between the countertops and the upper cabinets. But why stop there? To add drama, unity, and sophistication to your kitchen, consider extending the tiling all the way to the ceiling. Besides creating a lot of visual interest, counter-to-ceiling tile can also help a smaller kitchen feel larger by drawing the eye upwards.


Go Your Own Way

While the horizontal placement of tile on kitchen backsplashes is still popular, don’t be afraid to go a different direction. Many kitchen backsplashes are now being installed in unique patterns such as herringbone, chevron, and even stacked vertically in columns. These looks can be created with any rectangular tile, but make an even bolder statement when paired with a simple material, finish or color — allowing the pattern to be the true star of the show.


Added Interest

To create a strong feeling of continuity throughout your kitchen backsplash, consider adding a pop of color in the form of lines. By choosing a different tile color to run along the top of the countertop and/or stove, you create visual movement, which allows the eye to continue moving about the space. This helps add visual interest as well as a sense of flow to the space.


Picture This

To create a true focal point in the kitchen, add a mosaic to your backsplash. While mosaic tile can simply be small tile pieces organized in a design or pattern — such as a repeating geometric design in shapes like diamonds, penny round, or hexagonal — some more elaborate mosaics may depict animals, people, and even landscapes.


Add Warmth with Wood

A growing trend is wood-grain ceramic or porcelain tile, and even reclaimed wood boards, on a kitchen backsplash. The versatile look of wood adds warmth to contemporary spaces and furthers the idea of a cozy space for traditional kitchens. Various tile shapes and sizes are available, as well as colors. From a weathered grey barn wood to rich dark mahogany — the options are endless.


Marvelous Metallics

Whether you choose a rectangular tile in a stainless steel finish or pressed tin, metallic kitchen backsplashes pack a lot of punch. Not only are metal tiles super sleek and stylish, they are also extremely durable and easy to clean. There is no end to the variety of shapes, patterns and finishes available. From shiny, matte, brushed, etched, and embossed to stainless steel, gold, and copper — the world is your oyster!


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Allow your kitchen backsplash to be a reflection of your superb taste and sense of adventure by choosing mirrored tile. Like metallic tiles, mirrored tiles come in all shapes and sizes, as well as antiqued finishes — which give the look of mercury glass. Mirrored backsplashes aren’t only sophisticated and daring, they also give a smaller kitchen the illusion of increased space.


Dimensional Flare

Another trend that’s risen in 2016 is the use of 3D tiling, or panels, for kitchen backsplashes. Instead of the standard flat-surfaced tile, there are many varieties available in geometric patterns, free-form designs, and waves. While the look dimensional backsplashes offer are stunning, the upkeep may be a bit much for some.


The Classics

While there are a lot of new materials available, the timeless kitchen backsplash tiles — such as glass subway tile, or ceramic tile — are here to stay. They are budget friendly, low maintenance and ageless. They can be installed in the traditional horizontal pattern, but also work well in the more unique patterns, like chevron and herringbone, that are emerging.


Mix n’ match

Can’t choose one tile for your kitchen backsplash? Not a problem. By choosing a variety of materials, textures, colors and sizes, you will not only add visual interest — but let your personal style come through. Consider pairing a light tile with a dark one, shiny tile with matte, and clear (or translucent) with a solid tile. Popular combinations include glass and ceramic tile, tumbled stone and glass tile, and steel and stone tile. There is no end to the combinations you can come up with, so shake it up!


Still not sure what to do with your kitchen backsplash? Find out how Central Construction Group, Inc. can help make your dream kitchen a reality. Call us at 317-213-6246 or email


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