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Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

At Central Construction Group in Indianapolis, we know that undergoing a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. Be sure you have a team of experienced kitchen designers and remodelers to avoid these all-to-common pitfalls:


Losing sight of the big picture

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to think of how everything ties together – from flooring, paint color and backsplash, to cabinetry and hardware. But, you also need to think of how the kitchen fits with the rest of your home. An ultra-modern kitchen in a 19th-century farmhouse will stick out like a sore thumb, so keep architectural integrity in mind.


Forgetting to be flexible and plan ahead

Know that there will be a point during your kitchen remodel that is disruptive to you and your family’s routine. While we do our very best to time things perfectly, and keep things moving —you can plan on going without sinks, ovens and a fridge for a few days. So plan ahead and be flexible.


Having unrealistic expectations

Sure, open shelving is gorgeous, but are you the type to keep up with the organization required for that kind of storage? When planning your kitchen, think about all the items you’d be proud to display, and that you could realistically keep organized. Don’t opt for all open shelving if it’s not something you can keep up with. Only put things front and center in an open or glass shelving unit that can be kept organized, but hide mismatched mugs and plastic cups behind the more traditional closed-door cabinetry.


Not planning for enough storage and counter space

When remodeling your kitchen, you should plan to have more than enough storage space — whether it’s in the form of drawers, cabinets, pantries or any other type of storage systems. Planning your kitchen without enough storage space will lead to cabinets being overstuffed, counter space being taken up and an overall disorganized and clutter kitchen space. Counter space is just as important as storage space. You need enough space to prepare meals after all. Don’t forget to keep in mind all of the things that you generally keep on your counters as well, from your blender and toaster to your bowl of fruit in addition to other design elements. Without the proper counter space, you’ll find your counters becoming cluttered quite easily.


Not paying attention to detail

When ordering your cabinets, don’t skimp on the additional drawer dividers, pantry pullouts, and lazy Susans. These items will increase storage efficiency, and likely be much costlier if you choose to add them on later.


Forgetting the flow and function

Never ever forget the workflow of your kitchen when remodeling. The work triangle — which includes the sink, refrigerator, and stove — is incredibly crucial to making your kitchen space efficient. If you have to walk around the kitchen island to get something out of the refrigerator, there is a problem. So try not to get too focused on finishes without making sure everything functions first.


Forgetting the budget or investing in the wrong areas

Don’t forget your budget. Decide what is important to you, and allocate finances accordingly. If you are an avid baker, don’t splurge on a sink only to skimp on the oven. Likewise, if you’ve never baked a souffle, or even baked chicken — don’t expect that an $8,000 range is just the thing you need to go from microwave queen to a foodie. Be realistic about your needs, and don’t allocate funds towards professional appliances that may pack more power than you need.


Not planning for enough lighting

If there’s one space in the house in which lighting is of utmost importance, it’s the kitchen. Not only do you want plenty of light in the kitchen in order to see what you’re doing — you also want the kitchen to feel upbeat and bright, not dark and gloomy. It may not be the most thrilling part of the project, but it’s important to invest some time — and money — into a solid lighting plan. Good lighting keeps your kitchen safe, and sets the appropriate mood. In addition to general lighting, you’ll need to have plenty of task lighting so consider installing pendant lights over your kitchen island as well as installing lights underneath your upper cabinets to provide your counter space with plenty of light.


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