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Tips To Gear Up For A Kitchen Remodel

Once your plans for a kitchen remodel are finalized and the dates are set, it’s time to prepare your space for the big transformation. The kitchen experts at Central Construction Group know the time leading up to a remodel can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. To survive and even thrive through the process, follow these tips from the pros.


Gather supplies

To get the kitchen space ready for work to begin, you will need all of the supplies necessary to pack and store all of your belongings. Several weeks before your start date, begin collecting boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap, packing tape, plastic storage bags, and markers for labeling boxes.


Set aside frequently used items

During the course of the kitchen remodeling project, you will still likely need your kitchen essentials. Keep items used on a daily basis — such as the coffee maker, tea kettle, pots, skillets, mixing bowls, can openers, vegetable peelers, and cooking utensils — out and available. To make life a little easier, consider using disposable cups, plates, bowls and silverware during the remodel. Also, make sure that you have food storage and cleaning supplies on hand.


Sort canned and boxed foods

While emptying your pantry, pack like foods together — such as breakfast items, canned goods, sauces, pastas, spices, baking supplies, drinks, pet food and cooking oils. Keep these items in low-sided boxes for easy access, and mark each box clearly so that you can find what you need when you need it.


Pack and store items you use infrequently

There’s no need to live amongst more boxes than necessary. Pack little-used items — such as holiday dinnerware and serving dishes, specialized bake ware, punchbowls, platters, and linens — in boxes for closet or basement storage. Be sure to label each box clearly with a permanent marker to simplify set up after your kitchen is finished.


Sort, donate, and purge

Preparing for a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to go through your belongings to rid yourself of expired foodstuffs, unneeded objects and clutter. Make piles of items to keep, trash, and donate. Throw away any broken or unusable items — such as old plastic storage ware with missing lids. Before you donate items, create a list of the estimated value and file away for tax purposes. Also, consider creating a computer file for your favorite recipes to thin out your recipe books.


Separate your utensils

Pack eating utensils in gallon-size plastic storage bags. Use a bag each for knives, forks and spoons. It makes it easy to unpack these items once the kitchen is finished. Do the same with cooking utensils and small gadgets.


Take care with fragile items

Even though you are only packing your delicate glassware and dinnerware for a short period of time, things can still get broken in the process of storing them. Wrap all fragile items in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them, and seal your boxes — top and bottom — with packing tape. Mark the contents on the outside of each box, so you know whether or not it’s OK to stack other boxes on top.


Clear the walls

Take down all blinds, curtains, curtain rods and wall decorations. Place the hardware for your blinds or curtain rods in plastic storage bags, and label with marker and masking tape — or directly on the bag. Take the opportunity to clean and dust these items if you plan on using them again in the remodeled kitchen.


Take down pictures and wall hangings

While our kitchen remodeling team does their best to leave the rest of your home undisturbed, we suggest removing all photos, and artwork in adjacent rooms. During the remodeling process, it is not uncommon for the wall vibrations from hammers to knock objects off connected walls.


Safeguard your furry friends

A kitchen remodel isn’t just a trying time for people, it can also cause stress for your pets. Keep your furry friends safe in a room with a closing door or baby gate. When underfoot, dogs and cats can be a danger to themselves, and to the work crew — so be sure to keep them away from the work area.


A kitchen remodel can be a difficult time, but by following these tips you will minimize the impact. Our kitchen remodeling pros are here to ensure you have a great experience ­— from start to finish. Give Central Construction Group a call at 317.213.6246 and let us guide you through the process.

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