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Best Kitchen and Bath Countertops

Preparing a bathroom or kitchen remodel? Selecting the right countertop is a crucial part of any kitchen or bath design. Your countertop serves as an extension of your style and needs to be functional, durable, water-resistant, and fit your overall aesthetic. But which one should you choose?

Ultimately, it comes down to your overall end goal and what style you are trying to achieve. According to the NKBA, these are the most popular countertop materials:




Solid surface—43%

Butcher block—35%

Other wood—29%

Other stone—26%

Recycled countertops—22%

Stainless steel—17%





As you can see, Quartz is the most popular, but why?

Though Marble and Granite have long been the top contenders for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, Quart has been on the rise for its durability, style, and affordability. Quartz has been on the rise for its durability, style, and affordability. Unlike granite and marble that are porous, quartz is manufactured to be low maintenance and durable for everyday use. Due to its manufacturing process, it never requires to be sealed unlike natural Granite or Marble. Falling just between granite and marble in price, quartz is a good go to for any kitchen and bath countertop.

We have noticed a rising trend in popularity with Cambria countertops due to the wide variety and color choices.

Once you’ve selected your countertop, you can start to dress it up with the proper edging to give it an elevated sense of style and appeal.

Straight Edges

Straight edges are great in any style kitchen or bathroom. They offer a nice clean edge that doesn’t call for attention like other edges. Though straight sound very defined, the corners are slightly rounded to protect the countertop from damage. And, the amount of rounding is up to you.

Curved Edges

Curved edges find themselves in many different style kitchens and bathrooms. The curved edges can be as basic or as fancy and you desire. Curved edges are often the safe bet when softening up a room and fitting well with the overall design.

Detailed Edges

If you really want to make a statement, detailed edges are your go to. The intricate beveled or notched designs offer a sophisticated appeal to any kitchen or bathroom design. But remember, use it when appropriate. The last thing you want to do is clash with other pieces in the room as these can tend to become traditional or rustic in style.


Develop Your Master Plan

DIY is a big fad these days, but people often forget to measure twice so they only need to cut once. Failing to strategize, plan and research can leave you in a bind by having to replace or return pieces that seemed to work together. We suggest yours enlist the help of a professional remodeling and design company to help you set up your master plan.


How Our Process Works

At Central Construction Group, you are always in good hands. We meet with you to address your questions and concerns and then we begin on a path to a beautiful kitchen or bathroom remodel.


We understand the investment involved with home remodeling and we have the ability to transform your dreams into a 3D color rendering so you can view your future space before you invest a dime. If you have trouble visualizing your dream, we can offer interior design services to assist you with color selections, interior selections, and overall configuration of your new space.


We work very hard during this phase to provide an extremely detailed itemized estimate so you know exactly where and how your investment is being utilized. We initially use allowance figures for budgeting material selections so there are no surprises when it comes to the unknown costs for your home remodeling services. We will implement unique value engineering methods where we can to stay on budget, yet providing you with the finished result you’ve been dreaming about.


The schedule for your project is meticulously planned to accommodate the arrival of materials and eliminate the possibility of project stand-still. Our professionals will respect your home as if it were our own during the entire renovation process. Your home remodeling questions or concerns during the project will be addressed immediately and all problems will be handled as soon as they arise to ensure your project runs smoothly.


If you are ready to learn more or get started on your dream project, click here to contact us today.

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