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19 Excellent Room Additions To Upscale Your Home in 2019

As the holidays pass you may be thinking to yourself, I wish my home was the go-to gathering place or If only we had a [blank] maybe everyone could come here for Christmas next year.


Well, you have all of 2019 to make your dream home a reality. Winter is actually a great time to start indoor (and some outdoor) construction projects. Contractor schedules are less busy, building materials are cheaper, and you definitely deserve a gift from yourself.

In fact, Americans gifted themselves $316 billion worth of home remodels in 2017. And that’s not just functional upgrades, either. People are tricking out their homes with theaters and hidden rooms, too. You can thank MTV Cribs for that.

Here’s to never settling in 2019 and making your home the envy of your friends and family with these 19 excellent room additions.


1. Sunroom

We all need a little more Vitamin D in our lives. Sunrooms let you enjoy sweltering summer days indoors, warm your bones on those bright winter afternoons, and act as an observatory at night. They’re also great for separating conversation over coffee from game day chatter.  


2. Library

In all of our digital drudgery, it’s easy to forget the joy of relaxing with a good book. There is a particular warmth that comes with being surrounded by shelves of physical media, each with a story. Not into books? Create a listening room dedicated to your record or music collection.


3. Vaulted Ceilings

While it’s not technically an addition, vaulting your low ceilings can dramatically change how your space feels. Without adding any square footage you can make your space look and feel larger.



4. Guest Loft

If you decide to vault your ceilings or already have vaulted ceilings, consider maximizing your newfound space by adding a loft. Lofts are great as guest bedrooms or playrooms.



5. Indoor Pool

If you live in the Midwest like us, it’s likely that an outdoor pool would see as much action as that treadmill you bought: about three months of the year. Indoor pools may seem out of reach for some, but they can be more affordable than you think. Though they don’t require constant leaf skimming like an outdoor pool, the surrounding structure has to be well-protected against moisture. Year-round pool parties, no sunscreen, full privacy? Yes, please.  


6. Mudroom

As families grow, a common complaint is lack of storage for coats, hats, gloves, sports equipment, and toys. A mudroom addition solves this problem and protects the rest of your home from the threats of mud and water. Add a small sprayer and drain to quickly rinse off dirty kids and pets.


7. Hidden Guest Bedroom/Office

Remodeling your home office? Adding a platform maximizes space for storage and especially, a multifunctional guest bedroom that can be used as needed and hidden when not.


8. Home Theater

Think about how much you’ll save on astronomically priced concessions by bringing the big screen home with you. Your new home theater will pay for itself. You’ll be the go-to spot for sleepovers and movie nights in no time.



9. Hidden Home Office

Working from home can be a drag. But you can make it way more James Bond by adding a hidden home office. It’s also a great way to escape the little ones to work on your new novel. Oh, you thought that was a bookshelf? Think again.


10. Sunken Living Room

If there’s one thing the 1970s got right it was the sunken living room. It’s a perfect way to section off a conversation area in an open concept space without closing it off completely.



11. Attic Bungalow

Attics don’t have to be dark and scary. Finishing your attic can add square footage and value to any home. Use it as a guest room, playroom, or home office.


12. Outdoor Shower

Feel closer to nature with an outdoor shower. If you have a pool or are super active outdoors in the summer, it’s a must-have. Plant some strategically placed greenery for added privacy.  


13. Reading Nook

Maximize under stair real estate by added a cool, cozy reading nook complete with comfy pillows and knit blankets.



14. Open Air Bar

Transform your kitchen into an open-air eatery for backyard barbecues and pool parties by adding a bar with accordion windows that keep the cold out during the winter.


15. Treehouse

Why settle for a traditional guest house when you can create the treehouse of your childhood dreams outfitted with adult conveniences? Page your friends on your walkie-talkie and tell them to bring the snacks.



16. Finished Basement

A finished basement is a game changer for families looking to spread out, increase their entertaining space, and add value to their home. Whether you want a speakeasy, a game room, or a practice space the basement is the perfect candidate.

17. Bowling Alley Basement

Fulfill your MTV Cribs dreams by transforming your bland basement into a fully functional bowling alley. Be as modest or as bougie as your budget will allow.


18. Butler’s Pantry

If your kitchen lacks storage, half baths, breakfast nooks, and under-stair areas are great candidates for a butler’s pantry. If frequent trips to Costco are costing you your space, create more.


19. Micro-Cabin

Rather than a traditional room addition, create a space totally separate from the main house that gives guests cabin getaway vibes complete with a firepit, deck, and big windows perfect for stargazing.


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