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7 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2020

bathroom remodeling

Planning a bathroom remodel can be dizzying, especially if you’ve never remodeled a bathroom or if it’s been awhile since you last tackled one. 

With more luxurious and spa-like designs for large and small bathrooms in the last decade,  consumers want to create a sense of sanctuary in their bathrooms to balance the scale against our technology filled workdays.

To create a personal haven, homeowners tend to choose bathroom fixtures and details that evoke nature, soothe the mind and pamper the body.

At Central Construction Group we understand how confusing the choices can be, so we compiled a list of 7 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2020 to transform any bathroom into a showpiece.

1. Bring Nature into your Remodeled Bathroom

bathroom remodeling

Nature never goes out of style, but homeowners crave it this year. 

Start with a few succulents in hanging pots or a potted palm in the open shower to add natural elements

Wood plank walls, ceilings or floors also provide a soothing effect. But be sure to use wood materials designed to resist water. 

Even a carved walnut bowl of sea sponges on the vanity, or teak stool in the shower invite one to linger.

Natural light is also in high demand for bathroom remodels, but strategically plan how you capture the light to avoid any loss of privacy.

2. Neutrals and Nudes Return to the Bathroom

Saturated colors remained all the rage last year, but beige charges back onto the bathroom remodeling scene in 2020. Paints, stains, bathroom vanities and tile in beige and nude shades leave designers gushing.

Benjamin Moore even chose pink as a new neutral color of the year for 2020.

Nudes come in delightful, refreshing neutrals that play a strong supporting role without overpowering a space. They complement everything from the wood finish on your new console-type vanity to the white soaker tub.

White, after all, never goes out of style. Black also plays a neutral role, but keep in mind that black matte finishes show water spots.

3. Tile Remodeled Bathrooms with the Classics

bathroom remodeling

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to tile with the classics — subway tile, mosaic-like penny tile and natural stone tile — which always remain in style and provide visual interest and patterns.

Want to blend traditional with modern? Stand subway tiles on end or lay them in a herringbone pattern for a new take on the classics. This adds texture and appeal without overwhelming the senses. 

Add pops of color with shower curtains, towels and area rugs,without committing to a particular style for the next decade. Neutrals pair well with any colors that strike your fancy, and classic tile choices stand the test of time. 

4. Stand-alone Tubs Return to the Bathroom Remodel Wishlist

Stand-alone tubs speak of gentler times and promise unharried relaxation. They look equally at home in the center of the bathroom or in front of a window with a view.

Today’s freestanding tubs come in a staggering variety, from hand-carved stone and copper to acrylic. They also come in an array of shapes, from round and rectangular to ovular and  kidney-shaped.

Remodeling your bathroom? Treat yourself to the stand-alone tub you’ve always wanted and make it the visual centerpiece of your new bathroom. 

5. Open Showers Pack in the Style

bathroom remodeling

Open showers fulfill a minimalist designer’s dream to create the perfect solution for the smaller bathroom remodel.

Open showers with a sleek and modern look make bathrooms feel larger because they lack physical and visual barriers. 

They also provide great versatility, giving you the option of going from modern to traditional with a change of tile choice. 

Smart and functional without the fuss, open showers remain in demand, especially among busy homeowners.

6. Vanities Transform

bathroom remodeling

If it’s been a long time since your last bathroom remodel, you’ll probably appreciate the taller vanity counter heights, which make applying makeup or shaving a little easier on your back. 

Many vanities look more like a traditional console or coffee table found in other rooms of the house. While some come in a nontraditional bathroom look, they provide tons of convenient storage and style.

Most couples want separate vanities in the master bedroom and many find quartz countertops provide a beautiful marble-like look that’s easy to care for. 

7. Love your Home

The biggest trend in remodeling? Families are choosing to stay in their homes longer by remodeling instead of moving. Customizing the bathroom space allows them to enjoy their homes to the fullest.

Families want a bathroom where they can escape and let the day’s pressure dissolve in a steamy stand-alone tub or stunning open shower. They appreciate natural elements and fixtures that match the rest of the home, and not like an institution. 

Contact CCG today and let our 10 years of experience help you bring your bathroom remodeling ideas to life. We excel at guiding you through the choices to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

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