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The Best Devices to Transform Your Home Into a Smart Home

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we walk around with small computers in our pockets, are able to see friends and family across the country in real-time, and never have to leave the couch to get groceries. As tech continues to evolve, we’re able to connect more and more aspects of daily life, including the inner workings of our homes. 

Smart homes aren’t a new concept, they’ve been around for a while, however, new technology offers homeowners even more devices to simplify how they manage their home. Take a look at some of the best smart home devices that have come out in recent years. 

Alexa and Her Friends 

Amazon’s Alexa enables users to speak commands to this device to discover everything from the weather to that rib recipe they love to turning on the lights in the living room. And while Alexa is capable of quite a bit, connecting her to other devices, such as your speakers, tablets, and the new Amazon Echo Show, a device that syncs with Alexa so you can make voice or FaceTime calls within seconds, makes her abilities even more seamless and powerful. 

Not only can you use Alexa to make calls and videos, you can connect your thermostat, doorbell, garage door opener, TVs, and security systems to this central system, making all the gadgets in your home interconnected and easy to use. 

Alexa isn’t the only device of this caliber. There are also products from Google, Apple, and Samsung that provide similar functionality. 

Sound On

Sonos sound systems aren’t just for music lovers, although they do provide full home, surround sound experiences. Now, you can use Sonos as a voice assistant and can connect it with many other speaker brands to create a voice activated sound system that can be accessed from anywhere in your home or backyard. 

Lock It Up

Are you tired of locking yourself out of your house? Or sick of worrying if you forgot to lock your door? Smart locks solve the problems long associated with regular locks and keys and also give you peace of mind. Paired with apps, smart locks can be accessed from your mobile device, enabling you to lock and unlock your home wherever you are. 

Newer models come with wifi embedded, making them simple to connect, and most are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple home products. 

Stay Safe

Home security systems are historically expensive and complex, but companies, like SimpliSafe, have made protecting your property and family easy, affordable, and integrated. Home security systems can now be ordered online, installed without a professional, can be completed within an hour, and can be monitored remotely from your mobile device. Monthly plans are available to pay for professional monitoring and security, however, most smart systems can be accessed by the user themselves. Ring doorbells, and other similar products, provide video surveillance and alerts to the connected devices when breaches are detected, allowing you to feel like you have your very own home monitor—without the expensive cost. 

Hot and Cold Control 

Nothing is worse than being cozy in your bed on a chilly evening and having to go downstairs to turn up the thermostat. With wifi enabled, Alexa compatible, voice controlled thermostats, you can secure, change, and set timers for the temperature in your home with voice commands or through easy-to-install apps that allow you to manage everything from temperature, timing, and scheduling. 

Smart Appliances & Energy Efficiency

Yes—even your washer and dryer can be technologically savvy. There are appliances out there that will text you when your laundry is ready, or when your refrigerator door has been left open. Combining both energy efficiency and convenience, talk about bang for your buck.  A lot of these newer appliances are also outfitted for ‘smart-grids’ for future electrical grid changes as society shifts in to greener options.

Light It Up

Gone (long gone) are the days when annoyance and panic set in after you forget to turn off the lights or fail to turn them on when you’re out of town. With smart light bulbs, you can control every aspect, including millions—yes millions—of colors with your phone, tablet, or computer. From programming when you want your lights to turn on and off, to accessing them from your phone wherever you are, you have full control over your lighting with smart light bulbs. 

Beyond control, you also have the ability to recreate any setting or aesthetic you’d like. From a Hawaiian sunset to an office space to the moon, smart light bulbs come equipped with literally millions (seriously) of options to cater to your creative side. 

One of the biggest perks of smart home technology is that it’s becoming more accessible to more people. When automation was first introduced, it was expensive, extensive to install, and felt reserved for those with large pocketbooks. Now, with the development of options that are smaller, easy to use, install, and afford, smart homes are becoming as common as the mobile devices that power them. That being said, if you’re looking to renovate your home, we’d love to come alongside to help you make it a smart and energy-efficient home. 

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