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10 Kitchen Trends to Consider for 2021

If you’ve been thinking about updating your kitchen but aren’t sure what to do, 2021 is going to be your year. Filled with new trends, twists on old ones, and highlights of classic design, 2021’s kitchen styles are filled with many creative ways for you to update, refresh, and revamp your kitchen. 

From complete remodels to simple switch-ups, here are 10 beautiful trends to help you decide how you’d like to make your kitchen feel like new. 


In the past, marble has been marked by some as “gaudy” or “too opulent.” Not anymore. Marble counters, islands, and accents are going to be huge in 2021. Whether you adorn your kitchen from floor to ceiling in marble, or want to add elegance to your counters, this sturdy, easy to clean material is a classic choice for kitchens. 

Go bold with black or light and airy with creams and whites. Add a creative element by choosing marble with busy patterns and flowing designs—from black and white to gold and grey, the bolder you go, the more unique and stunning your kitchen can become. 


While deemed as “retro” in the past, wood has mostly been associated with tacky paneling and outdated interiors. But with the right hues, textures, and finishes, wood has made a comeback in a big way. 

Transform your kitchen into a calming, peaceful retreat with lighter wood finishes, such as teak, grey, or beachwood. These open your space up a bit more and allow you to add colors and designs without overwhelming the space. If you like darker woods and have a larger kitchen, walnut is a rich, elegant wood that gives kitchen cabinets, islands, and pantries a luxurious feel. 


Dark colors, specifically deep shades of grey and black, are making a resurgence throughout homes, and are now moving into kitchens. All black cabinets, islands, flooring, and even light fixtures will be popping up everywhere in 2021. 

From matte finishes to satin or even high gloss, dark kitchens give off modern luxury vibes, create dynamic effects, and when paired with bold colors or natural woods and stones, can make any kitchen feel comfy and homey. 

Color Pops 

We are definitely not saying go out and paint your entire kitchen sunshine yellow. We are, however, saying to explore colors, be adventurous with accents, and find a palette that makes you feel inspired. 

Pair marble or butcher block countertops with sage green, coral, dusty rose, or deep, rich blue cabinets. Paint the bottom of islands bright, bold colors like rustic red, a terracotta orange, or even lush lavender. All the colors we used to think were off limits in kitchens are now becoming a welcomed, fresh change, adding style, intrigue, and a welcoming feel. 

Seamless Storage 

To give the appearance of fluidity and flow, kitchens are going to become more streamlined, contemporary, and minimalist. Cabinets without handles that blend into one another, pantries that are built into walls with simple doors, appliances that are built into drawers instead of taking up space on countertops—all the of these trends can be used together for a total seamless look, or just a few to give your kitchen the storage space it needs without taking up too much space. 


Gold has been brought back from the dead and it is more decadent than ever. From gold faucets to sinks to handles and lighting, gold pieces throughout your kitchen add a timeless style and luxury. Pair with marble for a high end look, or pair with natural materials, like wood finishes or light greens, greys, or blacks for a homey or modern twist. 

Utility Rooms 

Yes, this list is about kitchens, but 2021 is the year utility rooms are going to be synonymous. Think of them as your kitchen’s best friend, helping carry the load of supplies. Functional, yet thoughtfully designed, utility rooms provide additional storage off the main kitchen but are still close enough to easily access and house tools and cookware. 

House cleaning products, tupperware, washers and dryers—whatever your heart desires—in these supporting rooms, and they can be decorated to compliment your kitchen or even mimic the design. 

Bold Lighting

Fancy light fixtures are often reserved for foyers, dining rooms, or the oh-so-extra all white reading rooms. But they are coming to kitchens in 2021. Big, bold, modern, classic, crystal, wood—you name it—lighting will be illuminating kitchens across the country. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, something regal and timeless, something strange and interesting, or a stunning shade of color, you can’t go wrong if you go bold. 

Inspired by Nature 

Bringing the outdoors in is one way to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen and a beautiful trend for the new year. Stone backsplashes, earth tones, wood walls, and natural woods cabinets are all ways you can make your kitchen feel like a haven of the great outdoors. Using raw, unpolished materials takes the perfection of glossy sheens away and replaces them with rustic, realistic aesthetics.  

Butcher block mixed with a stone accent wall, an island made from genuine walnut or oak topped with a stone slab—your imagination is your guide. 

Hand Painting 

Have you ever wanted to paint your kitchen cabinets or your island or coffee nook, but you were told not to? Disregard that advice. 2021 is the year of hand painted kitchens. This allows you the freedom to express yourself through color, add a distressed look, or use matte, satin, or high gloss paint. Plus, whenever you want to switch things up, it’s as simple as choosing the right color and getting to work. 

However, painting cabinets can be a difficult task, and depending on the style of your cabinets, the more intricate, the more difficult it can become. Hiring professionals is a way to ensure you’re getting the best work, most accurate and even coverage, and durability. 

If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen this year, give us a call. We’re happy to talk about which trends fit your kitchen and are always open to exploring new ones. Want some inspiration? Check out our Houzz page and our Showcase page to get you started. 

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