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Kitchen Remodel Tips & Inspiration

If you’re reading this, you’re about to take the first step toward the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen remodel is an exciting time, and planning it the right way from the start can help your dreams become reality a lot smoother.

We’ve put together a few simple tips for you to keep in mind when planning your kitchen remodel, along with a little bit of visual inspiration to get the wheels turning.

Plan your workflow

If you’re the DIY type, you may have already sketched out ideas for your dream kitchen. You might have a good idea of the style of cabinets you’d like or the material for your countertops. Those are all great details that will need to be sorted out in time, but here’s a simpler place to start: plan your kitchen workflow, and the rest will come together in time.

You might hear the phrase “the work triangle” to refer to your sink, stove and refrigerator. Those are the three most commonly used appliances in the kitchen, and they should be arranged so that it’s easy to move between them unimpeded. 

That being said, nobody knows your workflow better than you. How you and your family use your kitchen will be the number one inspiration behind your kitchen remodel and its eventual layout. Think about the appliances you use most regularly, and that will give you an informed idea of your new kitchen’s needs.

To island or not to island

It’s the age-old question for kitchens of all shapes and sizes: do I have enough space to add an island? Kitchen islands are a great way to add some extra countertop space, but that’s just the beginning of their potential. Central Construction Group can help you run the math to see if an island would be a good fit for your kitchen, and if so, we can help you make the most of it.

There’s so much functionality to consider when adding an island to your kitchen. Think about all of these potential features, and we can help bring your ideal kitchen island to life:

  • Extra countertop space — This one’s a no-brainer. If you’re active in the kitchen, any extra space to set down a bowl or a finished plate can be a huge relief. We can help you select the right countertop material, too, whether you’d like it to match the rest of your kitchen or for it to stand alone as a statement piece.
  • Bar seating — If your kitchen is your gathering place, bar seating can really bring the room together. With a bit of a countertop overhang, your island can be the go-to spot for guests to sip a drink or nibble on finger foods while you prepare dinner. It’s also a great place to eat a quick breakfast in the morning.
  • Sinks and dishwashers — A big family means no shortage of dirty dishes. Your new kitchen island can help relieve some of that burden by housing a sink or dishwasher. Not only does an additional sink mean you can get your partner or kids in on washing dishes, but it can make prepping meals twice as quick.
  • Storage — Islands are an unsung hero for kitchen storage, and you’re not limited to traditional cabinets. Take a look at the photo below to see how we made the most of every inch of our Meridian Kessler client’s new kitchen island. Those spice racks are packed!

Find your focus

When you’re planning for a kitchen model, it’s hard to not get excited. You’ll find some amazing components that you’d love to add to your new kitchen — some fun tile for the backsplash, an eccentric rug, flashy handles for the cabinets. If there’s one design tip to take in mind for your kitchen remodel, it’s that less is more. Find one focal point for your kitchen that will be the center of attention, then plan the rest of the details accordingly.

For our client on the Old North Side, they knew that a vibrant coat of orange paint paired with some fun curtains to match would give them the pop they wanted. To let the walls be the star of the show, we planned the rest of their kitchen to complement but not distract. The sleek white cabinets and understated granite countertops contribute to the overall clean look of the room without vying for a guest’s visual attention.

There’s a lot to consider when planning for your kitchen renovation, but thankfully you’re not alone. Call Central Construction Group at (317) 213-6246 for a free consultation, and we can help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

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