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2022 Kitchen Design Trends: Natural Elements Create Cozy Atmosphere

Kitchen Design

Don’t let Jack Frost nip at your nose this winter. Instead, create a cozy, inviting kitchen harmonious with nature. Many 2022 kitchen design trends include natural, raw elements like wood details and maximum sunlight exposure. Central Construction Group (CCG), a premier Indianapolis home remodeler, can make your new year renovations a reality.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Add Sunshine and Storage

Brighten any kitchen and bring in more natural light by installing lower cabinets and adding windows on two or three walls. Not only can you see outside while you cook, but windows also visually increase the size of a room. Plus, opening windows provides a quick way to air out or cool off a kitchen after prolonged periods of cooking.

White cabinetry remains a popular choice for a classic feel, but design experts also suggest softer whites, or “putty” colors for lighter, brighter kitchen cabinets. Consider colors from the Sherwin Williams “Mode” collection, such as Shoji White, Alabaster, or even Agreeable Gray, lightened 50% with regular white paint.

Increase your kitchen’s organization by adding a functional pantry and islands with built-in storage. Hidden pantries, enclosed behind cabinet doors, offer a clean, fresh look. In the pantry, use clearly labeled containers to house dry goods. Keep like items (oils, dressings and baking supplies) together by installing a lazy Susan. Use door organizers to further increase storage space. Perfect for jars, spices, canned goods and more, wire door racks are easy to install and maintain.

Islands with built-in storage free up cabinet and counter space. Island drawers keep frequently used items, like cooking utensils, within easy reach. Customize your island with a wine rack or microwave cubby. Islands also serve many other purposes, often allowing for extra seating or an extended work surface. Wooden bar stools remain a trendy seating option for 2022. 

Wood Brings in Nature, Adds Visual Appeal

Elements such as knotty wood flooring and soapstone countertops help give your kitchen a natural feel. Wood details enhance a kitchen’s character and personality. For instance, butcher block countertops, exposed wooden ceiling beams and paneled backsplashes add a touch of ecological class.

A mixture of cabinet fonts and styles can add to the casual tone of a new kitchen. For cabinetry doors, consider flat panels or mixing shaker and inset styles. CCG offers custom cabinetry.

Don’t be afraid to mix kitchen metals for added visual interest. Silver appliances pair well with brass hardware and black lighting.

Raw wood tones and lighter paint colors make a kitchen warm and inviting. Not sure what paint color to pick? The 2022 Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast features a “method” color palette perfectly inspired by nature. The rich, earthy tones, including shades of “Accessible Beige” and “Chartreuse,” create an airy, open feel.

Take advantage of the extra sunlight in your new kitchen by decorating with seasonal succulents or a vase of fresh flowers. Perfect for filling odd spaces, plants brighten your kitchen even when Old Man Winter comes knocking.  

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Material and supply shortages, as well as backlogs, aren’t dimming homeowner’s ardor for home renovations and upgrades. Besides kitchen remodels, deluxe home offices, entertainment centers, nesting rooms and mega-patio projects are also in demand.

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