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Make the Most of Your Space: Pros and Cons of Basement and Attic Renovations

Does your house feel too small? Before you start packing and put a for sale sign in the yard, consider an attic or basement renovation. Let the professionals at Central Construction Group (CCG), a premiere Indianapolis home remodeler, create the extra space your growing family needs.

Renovating an existing basement or attic can add much-needed square footage and increase your home’s value. Such construction projects might be more cost-effective than you think, especially in today’s fast-paced real estate market favoring sellers rather than buyers.

Plus, attics and basements are often-blank canvases with a wealth of functional design possibilities. Maybe you need another bedroom or want an in-home theater, a designated exercise area, or an in-law suite.

Up High: Attics Creates Cozy Areas, But Watch Your Head

Attic conversions offer many unique options; extra space for a home office, a child’s playroom or a gaming area. Most attics already have windows, which provide much-needed natural light. Because an attic sits at the home’s top level, disruptions during the construction process remain minimal. Insulating an existing attic can also save money on energy bills.

However, attic renovations do have some downfalls. For instance, slanted ceilings mean lower head clearance. You must also consider attic access. Do you already have a built-in staircase, or will you need to create one? Whatever the case may be, CCG’s design professionals can answer questions and offer innovative design solutions.  

Down Low: Basements Offer Expanded Living Space, Moisture and Lighting Can Be Problematic

Before renovating your basement, it’s important to determine how you plan to use the space. CCG’s design experts can help you create a space best suited to your family’s needs, whether it’s another living room or a potential source of income.

If you’re looking to make money, a renovated basement can be rented out as an efficiency apartment or listed as an Airbnb.

Renovated basements also offer increased storage potential, whether it’s space to put holiday decorations, sports equipment, or seasonal clothing.

While there are many pros to basement renovations, it’s also important to consider the cons, such as moisture and humidity issues caused by standing water, leaky walls, or mold. A quality dehumidifier may be necessary to help alleviate some of these problems.  

Similarly, most basements don’t have much natural light, so you’ll need to make appropriate plans for recessed lighting or adequate lamps.

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If you feel cramped in your current home and need room to stretch out, call Central Construction Group for a free, no-obligation consultation. For more information, contact CCG online or call 317-213-6246 to start planning your future home remodeling project.

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