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Kitchen & Bath Industry Show Demonstrates What’s Old is New Again

pastel bathtubs and sinks

From sunrise yellow toilets to avocado green bathtubs, the “20-year rule” applies to many concepts, including the idea that kitchen and bathroom designs and color schemes that were popular in past decades can return to reign king.

Kohler exemplified the rule and debuted its Heritage Color Campaign — featuring its most beloved, archived colors of Spring Green and Peachblow during this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. More than 40,000 people and 500 exhibitors attended the multi-day event. 

Central Construction Group, a premiere Indianapolis home remodeler, noticed the return of retro colors, along with design elements from decades gone by (think gently curved, pastel-colored soaker tubs and large, wall-mounted sinks with intricate leg details). Along those same lines, vintage-inspired appliances made a comeback and exude nostalgic charm. 

Warm Up with Natural Materials 

The popularity of cool colors is fading. Instead, homeowners and design experts are drawn to warm colors and natural, earthy materials. Stone tiles in a variety of colors and patterns, especially those with “pop out” veins, create luxurious detail that make any room feel elegant and classy. Visible stone veins are a bold choice for countertops and flooring. 

Gold metals paired with shades of black (onyx, ebony and charcoal) create stark contrast and interesting visual appeal. Graphite nickel, in particular, makes a room feel edgy and unique. 

Other natural materials gaining design traction include textured stone, ribbed wood, and concrete.

Live Well, Be Well 

Wellness was a recurring theme at this year’s KBIS show as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many people think about their overall health and wellbeing. To create a healthier home, some manufacturers are now producing touchless bathroom fixtures (faucets, light switches, etc.) coated with antimicrobial finishes. 

Steam power is also being touted as a wellness approach. For those who enjoy high-tech amenities to create a spa-like atmosphere, some showers are now equipped with steam sensors that allow for adjustable temperature and pressure, along with aromatherapy. 

Best of Show

KBIS named many award winners, including gold standards for both kitchens and bathrooms.  

One such winner was a concealed kitchen sink, hidden by built-in cutting boards. The unique design can be installed in both undermount or drop-in style sinks. Other popular kitchen features include concealed sinks with built-in colanders, roller mats, and basket strainers. Best of all, these quirky sinks are designed to last. They won’t crack, chip, scratch or discolor. 

If you feel inspired to incorporate any of these design trends in your own home, call CCG today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Design experts can lead you through the process, start to finish. For more information, contact CCG online or call 317-213-6246 to start planning your future home remodeling project.

Photo caption: Back by popular demand, Kohler debuted its Peachblow bathtub and Spring Green retro bathroom sink at the 2023 Kitchen & Industry Show. (Photo courtesy of

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