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Basement Remodeling

An unfinished basement can be an eyesore even in the most beautiful home and can easily lessen the appeal of your home. Your basement remodeling project depends largely on what you plan to do with the space. Typical basement remodeling projects include:

  • In-home office
  • A spare bedroom
  • A game room
  • Home theater
  • Wetbar
  • Mancave
  • Lounge area for family and guests.

Once you’ve decided the purpose of your future basement remodel, Central Construction Group, Inc. will work around the clock to ensure that your ideas are molded into reality.

Central Construction Group, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology and detail-oriented planning to give clients the basement of their dreams. Our designers work incredibly hard to provide you with a finished product that fits your needs to ensure that your basement not only looks fantastic, but feels like home for you and your guests.

Basement Additions

At Central Construction Group, Inc. we believe that your unfinished basement is filled with endless opportunities for remarkable transformations. With a detail-oriented team of basement remodelers, we are more than equipped to handle your most challenging basement remodeling needs, including making refreshing additions to your basement structure.

Basement additions services include:

Windows and Doors: Adding windows and doors into your basement will transform it into a much brighter, well-ventilated, and more comfortable living space. This is key if you are hoping to renovate your basement into an additional bedroom or home office, so that you or your guests don’t feel isolated or experience overheating issues and your project is up to legal building code standards.

Lighting Fixtures: Basements are usually not equipped with enough windows making them well-known for being incredibly dark. Central Construction Group, Inc. provides clients with a wide selection of lighting fixtures of different sizes, styles, and functions. Sufficient lighting will not only make the living space pleasant for the residents and visitors in your home, but it will make your area appear much larger when the lights are placed in the right areas.

Moisture Control: Ensuring that your basement remains dry during times of inclement weather is one of the most critical parts of your basement remodel. Central Construction Group, Inc. makes it a policy to test for moisture in your basement before making further advancements into your remodeling project. We make sure that water travels down and away from your home’s structure, and making sure that it doesn’t pool in undesired places.