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Custom Cabinetry

Your kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or overall home remodel is not complete without beautiful, professionally-crafted cabinets. Central Construction Group, Inc. offers custom cabinetry options to accentuate your newly-remodeled space and provide you with the comfort of knowing that the most important aspect of your room was authentically-designed and professionally crafted to outlast our competitors.


Custom Cabinetry Design and Layout

At Central Construction Group, Inc. we are focused on providing our clients with custom cabinetry services with professional craftsmanship, quality materials, and client-focused manufacturing. Our designers work closely with our clients to ensure that expectations are met during each step of the remodeling process. Our team provides expert feedback while clients choose from our wide selection of quality wood brands.


Are you looking for sustainability, high quality, and innovative design for your custom cabinetry? Central Construction Group, Inc. is proud to be a leading provider of Aristokraft cabinet essentials. With over 50 years of industry-leading expertise and competitive pricing, Aristokraft manufactures custom-designed doors made of high caliber wood and hardware.

Custom Cabinet Door Styles

Central Construction Group, Inc. provides a wide selection of wooden cabinet doors crafted to perfection to ensure that they match your home decor and that their features accommodate your operational needs.

Standard Overlay

Standard Overlay is a great choice for a “budget” focused kitchen, bath vanity or wet bar.  The cabinet door is a bit smaller than the box of the cabinet, so it does show the box.  If a homeowner does not want cabinet hardware this is a great alternative, since the door does not cover the box, allowing you to open the door or drawer with ease. A Full Overlay is typically recommended for white cabinets or cabinets with light/medium staining to avoid undesirable lines and produce a cleaner look.

Full Overlay

Full Overlay is the preferred door due to the overall look of a kitchen with full overlay, the eye isn’t drawn to all the lines from the doors and box of the cabinet.  Cabinet hardware is required to comfortably access items stored in the cabinets.  These overlays do not alter the box size it is pure personal preference.

Popular Custom Cabinetry Door Styles


A popular transitional style, Shaker is great for resale as this style can transition to many families desires of classic / clean lines

  • AK Maple Winstead
  • AK Birch Benton

Raised Panel / Overlay

A Raised Panel is typically a traditional door style where the center panel is raised

  • AK Briarcliff – raised panel with full overlay
  • AK Maple Radford – raised panel with standard overlay

Recessed Panel / Overlay

The Recessed Panel is similar to the Shaker style, this door may have additional details to the edge of the door or in the recessed portion of the door

  • AK Rustic Birch Harrison – recessed panel with full overlay
  • AK Maple Landen – recessed panel with standard overlay

Slab Door

The Slab Door comes in a very basic variety. There is no door style; typically comes with just the door and drawer head attached. The Slab Door is one of the most inexpensive styles we offer.

  • AK Maple Teagan – slab door with full overlay

Custom Cabinetry Material and Manufacturing

The appeal of your custom cabinetry is just a piece of the cabinetry puzzle. Just as critical is the quality, construction, and durability of the material. At Central Construction Group, Inc. our manufacturing process includes providing our clients with some of the finest and most reliable material currently on the market, all at a competitive price.