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Room Addition

Is your growing family making your home seem a lot smaller? Do you feel too cramped to function? Is your diminishing space making even the most basic actions difficult? Well there are many options to fix your space problem other than moving into a bigger home. One such option is the Central Construction Group, Inc. room addition services.

Room Addition services are not simply about constructing more living space, it’s are also about building you additional space that fits your exact needs. At Central Construction Group, Inc. we make detailed notes of your vision and any concerns about your project during our initial meeting to ensure that we not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Room Additions to Help Expand Your Space

Whether you’re looking to add an extra bedroom, a sunroom, a playroom, closet, or even enlarge your patio space, Central Construction Group, Inc. can provide you with professional room additions to help broaden your living space and make it easier to breathe.
Whether you’re hoping to expand your existing space or add a new room to your home, Central Construction Group, Inc. our expert interior designers and professional craftsmen can help you redefine your space and provide you with countless options on how to improve your living space in the Indianapolis area.

Budgeting for Your Room Additions

At Central Construction Group, we firmly believe that you should able to see where your money is being spent. Funding your room addition project is a lot simpler with Central Construction Group, Inc. because we provide proactive solutions for managing how your funds are being spent.

Central Construction Group, Inc. provides:

  • A budget oriented development plan for your room addition
  • A detailed itemized room addition estimate
  • Strategic allowance figures to efficiently budget material selections for your room addition
  • Creative engineering methods to help meet your room addition project standards while staying on budget
  • 5 – year workmanship warranty