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Expand Your Kitchen or Living Room with a Room Addition

kitchen open concept

Is your growing family making your home feel cramped? Whether you’re a grandparent with a troop of grandkids and in-laws filling your kitchen every holiday or new parents with a living room that resembles more of a toy-filled playroom, we have the perfect room addition ideas to expand your house and enjoy it to the fullest.

From a living room addition to expanding the kitchen into the dining room, room additions are one of the most popular home renovation services at CCG, Central Indiana’s premier remodeling contractor. 

There’s no need to move into a bigger home when all you need is a little more square footage in the kitchen or living room, where most families tend to congregate. Or maybe you want to expand with a great room addition or have family room addition ideas? With a properly planned home remodel, we can transform your space into an open concept that will be great for entertaining or anything else your family wants to do. A game of Twister anyone?

basement renovation

A family room addition idea may be as simple as renovating your basement into a comfortable place to hang out! (CCG Photo)

Kitchen Addition Ideas

Kitchens are often the heart of any busy home. If it barely contains enough room to seat your family or spread out a buffet for Thanksgiving, consider bumping out your kitchen with a room addition. Check out these kitchen addition before and after photos:

chef kitchen

Removing dividing walls, rearranging cabinetry and adding a kitchen peninsula gave this homeowner a brand new chef-style kitchen, as compared to the photo below. (CCG Photo)

kitchen before

Maybe you need space for a bigger dining table, or want to add a kitchen island with room to maneuver around. A room addition also gives you opportunities to add more windows, another door and natural light.

Working with our in-house interior designer and experienced construction team, you’ll get a custom room addition that flows seamlessly with your current kitchen and the rest of your house. If you’re already remodeling your kitchen, make it truly match your dream plans by adding extra space.

Living Room Addition Ideas

Your family room should be cozy — but not so small and cozy that guests can’t find a seat.  Give your living room an update by adding to your existing space.

living room

Central Construction Group enlarged the windows and made the fireplace truly stand out as the focal point of this living room remodel. (CCG Photo)

We can custom design a large, open room where people comfortably gather for Sunday football games or family game night. Always wanted a large fireplace, built-in bookshelves or picture window in your living room, but never had the space? A room addition gives you ample opportunity to revamp your home’s central chill spot so you and your expanding family can love it for years to come.

How Much Do Room Additions Cost?

bathroom addition

Make every morning better with a master bathroom addition to your home. (CCG Photo)

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report 2019, the cost of a room addition for Central Indiana ranges from $48,940 for a bathroom addition up to $277,633 for an upscale master suite addition. A major kitchen remodel for a midrange home runs about $67,614 up to $133,702 for an upscale project.

Any home remodel project requires setting a budget for the ideal minimum and the absolute maximum. Keep in mind, contractors and construction materials are in highest demand during spring and summer, which drives costs higher. Our residential construction team can help find the best prices for the best materials using our industry contacts and years of experience.

Hire an Experienced Remodeling Contractor

Room additions require a high level of construction skill and expertise. As a seasoned remodeling contractor in Indianapolis, we know the detailed planning required for a successful room addition, which must be properly integrated with your home’s existing structure.

We take into consideration aspects like utilities, drainage, and blending the exterior. You don’t want your plans for a kitchen addition to fizzle out because a contractor forgot to account for the increased electrical load on old wiring.

Hire CCG to build your room addition right. Contact us today at (317) 213-6246 to get started on your project with a free in-home consultation. We’re ready to give you the extra room your family needs to grow.

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of an article orginally published in 2017.
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