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Planning to Start a Remodeling Project After COVID-19? Know What to Expect

As our country deals with a new “normal,” with the widespread coronavirus outbreak affecting people in every state, Central Construction Group, Inc. remains focused on the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel of self-quarantine.

We will get through this health scare together, and we will emerge stronger because of it. The home renovation process may change, however, as contractors like us adjust how we do business to ease consumers’ fears about allowing our teams to work inside their homes.

At Central Construction Group, we remain committed to helping you build your dream home or guiding you through a successful renovation project. We’re also taking every precautionary measure possible to keep our crews healthy and safe, as well as our customers.

As we practice social-distancing and find new ways to keep ourselves busy at home during the next few weeks, take an optimistic approach for moving forward by planning out that home renovation project you’ve always dreamed about. 

Once you’ve designed your dream home, let CCG help guide you through the renovation process and show you exactly what to expect. Here are 5 tips to consider as you plan your remodeling project.

1. Create a plan and a backup plan

Start making plans as early as possible, and decide whether you’re willing to stay in your home during the renovation project. Living in your home amid a remodeling project can cause stress, so work to alleviate any concerns ahead of time.

If you’re comfortable with leaving workers in your home, schedule the remodel during a time when you finally get to return to your work office or go on that vacation you were forced to cancel. 

If you prefer to stay home and keep an eye on the progress, make plans to adjust your lifestyle. You may need to relocate to another area of your house. If you can’t prepare meals or wash dishes, plan ways to feed yourself and your family without too much hassle.

2. Remove items from the space, including hallways

When remodeling, the fewer items in the way, the better. Pack up everything you can in the room and store it somewhere else. The CCG crew will help you move the big stuff, such as appliances or furniture, but make sure the space is clear from everyday and decor items.

Consider parking your vehicles outside during the renovation to free up your garage space for storage. Or, you can rent a small storage unit for the duration to keep precious items safe and clean during construction.

3. Set up a temporary living space

Find a sense of balance during your renovation by setting up temporary living spaces in other areas of the house. 

For instance, while construction crews renovate your bathroom, set up a makeup or hair-styling station in your bedroom. If it’s your kitchen under construction, set up a hot plate or crock pot, move your microwave or use your outdoor grill. 

A remodeling project can be disruptive, but necessity breeds innovation — as we’re already witnessing during this unprecedented pandemic.

4. Communicate regularly with your construction team

At Central Construction Group, Inc., we work hard to communicate regularly with our customers so they know exactly what to expect during a remodeling project. Ask ahead of time to coordinate daily or weekly updates, and we’ll be happy to communicate our progress at whatever interval and in whatever format you prefer, such as text messages, emails or phone calls.

CCG also provides extremely detailed estimates, so our clients know in advance the exact cost of their renovation or remodeling project based on what we know and can see. Our process helps to ensure there are no surprises, and the only thing you’re waiting for is a beautifully finished project. 

5. Temporary inconveniences pay off in the end!

The CCG crew wants to help you build your dream home or renovate your existing space, and we won’t give up until things are done exactly to your specifications. We know the renovation project can be difficult, but the end results are worth the wait!

When you’re ready to start planning your next renovation or remodel, call CCG to see how we can assist. We’ll help you plan a realistic timeline, create a 3D model of your finished design, and discuss the best ways to prepare. 

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