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From Storage to Living Space: Basement Remodeling

Home remodels can lead to unnecessary stress and difficulty without proper planning and realistic expectations. Major renovation projects, like a room addition or a basement remodel, require meticulous planning and preparation. While all large projects will inevitably come with a little bit of inconvenience, major pitfalls can be avoided with proper communication and a carefully considered plan! Before you begin your basement remodel, here are some of our favorite tips to help you prepare for the undertaking and enjoy the process along the way.

Determine Your Needs

In this step, you will imagine what your family will use this updated space. If you are currently using your basement for storage, where will you put the items currently residing in your basement? What purpose do you want your basement to serve? If it’s a kid zone, what kind of design features can you include for after your children outgrow the space? Additionally, what design elements can you implement so that the room is versatile for all members of the family? If your goal is to increase value for an upcoming sale or create a more usable space, write that down, too. Having a clear direction for the space is one of the most major ways to ensure you and your family are happy with the finished project. Providing direction to your contractor will reduce the amount of speculation and back-and-forth during the design process. Be sure to get down to the nitty-gritty including appliances, finishes, and materials. Use this list to inform your budget!

Set A Budget

After deciding on a purpose for your space it’s time to set a budget. Approaching a large renovation without a solid outline for spending is a recipe for disaster and will inevitably lead to greater stress during the process if not done correctly. Unexpected expenses are a given during any home renovation project, so a good budget will factor in both known and unknown expenses and include an “absolute maximum” spending limit. The timing of your project will also affect your budget. Contractors and construction materials are in high demand during spring and summer, driving costs higher. 

Collect Inspiration

You know your goals for the room and you’ve set your budget, now it’s time for the fun part- collecting inspiration for your finished space. Now is the time to scour the deepest corners of or Pinterest, home improvement and design magazines, and your favorite HGTV shows, bookmarking and detailing what you love and dislike about each of the spaces that resonate with your inner designer. If your inner designer is more of the quiet type, consider finding a local designer whose work is in line with the basement of your dreams. Many local designers (including us) have their own Houzz pages and share their work on Facebook. Those are great places to check as well. Remember to manage your expectations and keep an open mind, creativity can never be used up! 

Set A Time

The time has come to factor in the timing of your basement remodel! If you have a specific date or event in mind for a completion date for your project, work backward from the desired date until you land on a start date! Remember to add a cushion for unforeseen setbacks to avoid added stress throughout your remodel. The length of your project will be affected by many factors, so it’s important to have some wiggle room here. Although it would be great if every project stayed on schedule, that is rarely the case. Preparing for setbacks is a great way to avoid stress when these unfortunate instances do happen!

If you are on a conservative budget, consider the time of year you choose to remodel. As a general rule, home construction is more expensive in the spring and summer. Though we’re prepared to tackle any project at any time of the year, winter has proven to be the most ideal season for home remodel. With lower labor and materials costs, shorter lead times, lighter schedules, and time before both approaching summer and holiday celebrations, January through March is a great time to begin.  Interested in starting your basement remodel before the season picks up? Call us today at (317) 213-6246 or contact us here to shoot us an email.

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