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Keep This, Toss That: Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home and Prepare for Spring Cleaning

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A stack of old magazines. Overflowing toy boxes. Tupperware containers without lids. A bottle of dried-up nail polish. Life is busy. It’s easy to let clutter pile up in every room of your home. Before spring cleaning or major household projects begin in earnest, take advantage of these chilly winter months and declutter your home.

If the thought of sorting and purging every cabinet and closet is too overwhelming, create a plan to tackle one room at a time. Focus on an item’s purpose, or the last time you actually used it.

Design experts at Central Construction Group, a premier Indianapolis home remodeler, love the clean, minimalist style. While this concept isn’t for everyone, these professional tips can give your space a refresh just in time for spring.

Corral Kitchen Clutter

Start with kitchen cabinets and drawers. Sort items into three piles: keep, donate and sell. Toss mis-matched containers, promotional cups and tattered dishtowels. Set aside seldomly used small appliances and barely used cookware. Sure, that Instant Pot might have seemed like a savvy purchase, but when was the last time you used it?

What about plates and cutlery? If you don’t entertain or feed large groups on a regular basis, consider downsizing to only one place setting per member of the household.

Invest in under-the-counter storage, like sliding bins, to easily access cleaners, sponges and trash bags. Purge expired spices, seasonings and other dry goods. A small spice rack or transparent containers might free up cabinet space and help organize the pantry. 

While you’re at it, sweep out the crumbs and wipe down the counters.

Bare Bones Bathroom

Strip your bathroom to essentials only. Open the linen closet. Purge towels, wash clothes and sheets that have seen better days. Fold haphazardly tossed items. Sort lotions, body sprays and other personal care products. Throw away empty bottles, old loofahs and anything damaged or moldy.

If bath toys dominate the tub, consider mesh, suction-cup storage, so toys can drip dry without someone slipping. A simple basket might be a good place to keep extra toilet paper rolls.

Check ceilings and windows for leaks or moisture build-up.

Liven Up the Living Room

Purge and organize items such as blankets, pillows and movies. With so many streaming services available, do you need to keep that DVD or VHS tape? Furniture with built-in storage, like opening ottomans, are a great place to store and conceal things like remotes and video game equipment.

Dust cabinets, coffee tables and bookcases. Take a few minutes to review book titles. If you’re running out of space, donate old titles you don’t plan to re-read. Libraries often accept gently used books. Teachers or a daycare center might also appreciate book donations.

Build Minimalist Momentum 

Once you’ve decided what to give away or sell, take action. Don’t let the spoils of decluttering sit around. Get rid of unwanted items while your energy is still fresh. If you need help, ask a friend or family member. Many thrift stores and other donation centers offer free pick up for larger-ticket items like furniture and appliances.

And if a spring home renovation is the next item on your to-list, call Central Construction Group to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Call 317-213-6246 or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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